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Fuel In. Jetting Calc. for Top Fuel, BDK Bypass Valve setups

Our fuel injection calculator can provide a valuable air to fuel ratio (AFR) computation for professional top fuel and normally aspirated A-fuel racing for land or water sports.
  • For example, a typical blown high percentage nitro V-8 setup will have an AFR less than 1 to 1 at the start and lean out to over 1.5 to 1 at the finish of a 1,000 foot drag race. Incremental tuneup changes to the fuel curve can be determined ahead of time with precise numerical references.
  • In a second example, a typical 90% injected nitro V-8 setup will have an AFR less than 0.3 to 1 at the start.  Leanout to keep the 'candle lit' can be numerically determined ahead of time; then set into the fuel bypass controller for numerical control.
Our fuel injection calculator also provides a valuable oxygen to fuel ratio (OFR). Oxygen to fuel ratios (OFR's) from the calculator are a "next level of advance tuning".
  • The oxygen part of the combustion process is determined from all sources: nitro, methanol, blower, & air density.
  • The total amount of the other parts that contribute to combustion are determined from the fuel. That is specifically carbon, hydrogen, & nitrogen that combust.
Nitrogen in the air, excluded from combustion, is also excluded from the OFR calculation, making the OFR tuning value way more affective.
By Jennifer on April 17th, 2024 in Calc News, Main, Racing News, Tips & Tricks

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